Pro-LGBT+ Bishop Bans Unvaxxed From Mass, by Jules Gomes

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September 20, 2021
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September 21, 2021

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant, September 19, 2021

Canadian prelate will police entry demanding faithful show ‘papers’

MONCTON, Canada ( – A Canadian archbishop who fired a faithful priest for denouncing sodomy, cohabitation and abortion has acquired the dubious distinction of becoming the world’s first prelate to ban the unvaccinated from attending Holy Mass.

In a strongly worded diktat issued Friday, Abp. Valéry Vienneau, who heads the archdiocese of Moncton in New Brunswick, said he would police entry to churches by enlisting volunteers to stand “at the doors of each church” demanding “full proof of vaccination.”

Parishes will collect and record the names of people permitted to enter “on a list of fully vaccinated people” that “will be used again on subsequent Sundays” and “may eventually be requested by the government,” Vienneau announced. …

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