Pro-Life Speaker Ben Shapiro Will Headline 2019 March for Life

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By Christina Vazquez, LifeNews, December 12, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – Pro-life conservative speaker Ben Shapiro will be headlining the 2019 March for Life.

Shapiro is a conservative media personality, and the editor-in-chief of Daily Wire, a news site that garners more than 140 million page views monthly. He also hosts a podcast called “The Ben Shapiro Show,” which is one of the top conservative podcasts in the nation.

While he speaks out on a multitude of political issues, Shapiro is unequivocally pro-life. He has consistently countered pro-abortion advocates during debates, backing up his arguments with data and research, while laying out the ethics and morality of the issue.

“The procedure of abortion isn’t an anodyne polyp removal; it involves doing terminal violence to an unborn child. Ignoring that fact allows abortion advocates to avoid looking reality directly in the face.” @benshapiro


— March for Life (@March_for_Life) November 28, 2018

Furthermore, with his large viewer and readership, Shapiro’s presence at the March for Life brings additional political clout to the event. As a prominent speaker, people from all over the political spectrum will pay attention to his appearance at this year’s march.

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The 46th annual March for Life’s theme is “Unique from Day One,” which emphasizes that being pro-life is also being pro-science. Shapiro is more than qualified to speak at the event, as he has frequently and effectively dismantled the pro-abortion argument with scientific evidence.

In October, Shapiro appeared on Fox News and laid out a defense for life quite clearly:

“Take a good look at that baby. That is a human being with zero rights according to the mainstream of the Democratic party,” Shapiro said.

He displayed images of a 12-week unborn baby and then an unborn baby at eight weeks.

“You can see this baby with his hands near his chest,” he said of the 12-week image. “This is not a cluster of cells. His liver and spleen are producing red blood cells. This is an unborn human being. But not a single federally-elected Democrat would vote for an abortion ban that would protect this baby’s life.

“Life does not begin at 14 weeks,” Shapiro continued. “Life doesn’t begin at eight weeks either. It begins at fertilization, when a new human life is born – a new human being with its own DNA. Human life is a continuous process of growth from the moment of fertilization onward.”

When the March for Life theme was unveiled, President Jeanne Mancini said: “Science is behind the pro-life movement. We see that medical and technological advancements always affirm the pro-life movement, for example, DNA is present at fertilization and no fingerprint on earth, past, present, or future, is the same. We know, too, a baby’s heart beats at just six weeks and we can distinctly observe it ourselves with ultrasound technology…As science progresses, we see clearly that every life is unique from day one in the womb.”

The March for Life will take place on Jan. 18, 2019, near the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. Shapiro will host his podcast live from the rally, and later will be joined by other pro-life speakers at Washington DC’s National Mall.