Pro-Life Update: WaPo Op-Ed Savages ‘Catholic’ Biden Over His Support for Abortion

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February 20, 2021
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February 20, 2021

Source: Pro-Life Update, February 18, 2021

An op-ed in the Washington Post roasted Joe Biden on Thursday over his unequivocal support for limitless abortion.

The piece by Princeton University Professor of Jurisprudence, Robert P. George, he railed against the 46th Commander-in-Chief for his abortion support.

He wrote, “Abortion is, in the church’s view, not just immoral in the way it is to take the Lord’s name in vain or to commit adultery. It is not in itself a matter of sexual ethics. It is a grave injustice in the same way it is to perform any act designed to kill an innocent human being. Laws allowing it, or treating it as a right, are gravely unjust, too, in the same way that it would be unjust for laws to allow the deliberate killing of any other innocent human beings, especially on a mass scale. Pope Francis has for this reason appealed to ‘all politicians, regardless of their faith convictions, to treat the defense of the lives of those who are about to be born and enter into society as the cornerstone of the common good.’”  …

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