Pro-Lifer Perseveres, by Martin Barillas

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April 19, 2021
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April 19, 2021

By Martin Barillas, Church Militant, April 7, 2021

Woman continues sidewalk counseling despite obstacles

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. ( – A devout Catholic and fervent life advocate, Trudy Perez-Poveda, remains unbowed despite a violent assault outside a Florida abortion office

With help from pro-life law firm Thomas More Society (TMS), Perez-Poveda and her Family for LIFE group succeeded in defending the First Amendment rights of pro-life sidewalk counselors. On March 25, life advocates celebrated the victory with a Eucharistic procession and Mass not far from an abortion center.

TMS lead litigator Matt Heffron told Church Militant in an interview that success was met with suffering. According to Heffron, while meeting with people outside “A Woman’s Choice” abortion office in Jacksonville, Florida on March 23, a woman emerged from the abortion clinic and “knocked her flat on her back.” …