Punished for Private Prayer? Supreme Court Hears the Case of Coach Kennedy and Faith on the Field, by Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

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April 27, 2022
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Former coach Joseph Kennedy is emphasizing his right to religious freedom. (photo: Courtesy photo / First Liberty Institute)

Coach Kennedy is also supported by a group of current and former NFL players including Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles, and former NFL quarterback Drew Stanton.

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, EWTN News, April 26, 2022


On Monday morning the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District. Its decision – involving a Christian high school football coach banned from praying on the 50-yard line after games – will tell us whether the Justices have a balanced understanding of the freedoms of speech and the exercise of religion as well as a proper understanding of the Establishment Clause.

After Monday’s argument, it seems clear that most of them do. …