Rachel Levine Calls on Doctors to Push Puberty Blockers and Sex Reassignment Surgery for Children (VIDEO), by Cullen Linebarger

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December 6, 2022
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December 6, 2022

Joe Biden’s Assistant Health Secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, said we need to “empower” kids to go on puberty blockers

By Cullen Linebarger, Gateway Pundit, December 5, 2022

Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health’s leading mission from day one has been pushing the normalization of transgenderism in our nation’s children.  This time, however, Levine wants America’s physicians to serve as propaganda merchants for his dangerous goal.

Levine, a biological male who was born as Richard Levine, believes doctors must take a leading role in promoting radical transgender ideas.  These include allowing children to have access to puberty blockers and undergoing sex assignment surgery.

Megan Brock, a parental rights activist in the Philadelphia area, posted a video where the cross-dressing secretary was speaking to doctors attending the Pitt Pediatric Grand Rounds seminar on September 22, 2022. In his speech, Levine called on the doctors to become activists for their “communities, science, compassion, and care.” ….

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