“Racism” Replaces Abortion As “Preeminent Issue” For U.S. Bishops, by Christopher Manion

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June 16, 2020
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June 17, 2020

By Christopher Manion, The Wanderer, June 13, 2020

America’s bishops have been struggling to regain their balance ever since the lockdowns began. Financial ruin faced our schools, parishes, even entire dioceses. Catholics everywhere were starving for the sacraments. Recently, a brave few prelates dared to shed the onerous handcuffs imposed by their Blue State governors. Without the government’s permission, they announced that Catholics could return to Mass. They were surprised at the alacrity with which the authorities backed off.

Many among the laity had been insisting for months that the ban on public Masses was a violation of our religious freedom, but most bishops had proven unwilling to challenge the quarantines. Democrats were undoubtedly pleased at how little resistance their burdensome diktats had provoked, not only from religious leaders but from a public intimidated by an unprecedented campaign of fear.

Restrictions were slowly easing when George Floyd died a grisly death at the hand of a Minneapolis policeman on the 28th of May. Suddenly, our body of bishops, long anesthetized by the lockdowns, came back to life and embraced Floyd’s death as the inspiration for a renewed campaign against racism.  …

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