(Ramblings) Whatever Happened To “The Dog Days Of August”? by Christopher Manion

Editorial Lashes Out at Biden for His ‘Drop Dead’ Message to Americans, by Bob Unruh
August 26, 2022
Daily Scripture Readings and Meditation: The Foolish Will Miss Heaven’s Wedding Feast
August 26, 2022

By Christopher Manion, The Wanderer, August 25, 2022

These days, Joe Biden’s disastrous collapse in Afghanistan a year ago is already ancient history. After all, what else is new? The United States has lost every war it’s been in since the last time Congress actually passed a Declaration of War in 1942.

But wait, what about the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home last week? Is that “history”?

Well, that belongs in a different category. Unlike freedom, war, prosperity, and peace, the topic of “Trump!!!” is timeless. If it doesn’t dominate the media’s toxic airwaves today, the sun will refuse to rise tomorrow.  …

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