Red Mirage, by Timothy Gordon

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January 2, 2021
St. John Henry Newman: The Church Fathers and the Mother of God
January 2, 2021

By Timothy Gordon, Church Militant, December 31, 2020

Timothy Gordon is a podcaster, author of Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish Without Rome and co-author with his brother, David Gordon, of Rules for Retrogrades. …

The color of revolution

Popular responses to American culture and politics move at the speed of social media news, involving several prominent ledes per day, during “peak” times. Fittingly, the recent American memory has contracted such as to accommodate and contextualize these rapid-fire ledes, one at a time.  In a word, the sheer volume of interesting news works against the American patriot’s ability to yield — or even to formulate — a meaningful response to its call.

We’ve been conditioned to forget as soon as they opportunely drop a new story on us.

Since Nov. 3, the blistering new pace of it all has been weaponized — even further — against the American memory in a frighteningly specific way: This autumn, it involved the repeated use of a certain term, up to a precise juncture, after which it was deliberately vanished from virtually all recollection.   …

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