Release the Entire Red Dossier Now! by Elizabeth Yore

FDA Warns That Prenatal Screening Tests Can Be Misleading, Lead to Abortions of Healthy Babies, by Emily Mangiaracina
April 22, 2022
The Bishop Who Can Unite the Clans, by Kennedy Hall
April 22, 2022

By  Elizabeth Yore, The Remnant, April 18, 2022

Once upon a time, in the tiny Vatican City State, Benedict XVI, the soon-to-abdicate Pope, ordered his three most trusted confidants to undertake a top-secret investigation into the financial, sexual, and moral scandals at the Vatican.

The three prelates dutifully investigated, interviewed key prelates and Vatican employees, reviewed  documents and videos, and scoured archives for information. The investigative team gathered intelligence regarding the persistent and intractable financial and clergy sex abuse scandals which plagued the Vatican. Allegations surfaced that the investigators uncovered a powerful underground gay lobby, rampant with blackmail, extortion and breathtaking financial fraud. …

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