Religion’s Decline is Reason’s Decline, by Auguste Meyrat

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August 4, 2022
Contraception and the Doctrine of Discovery, by Dr. Jeff Mirus
August 4, 2022

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By Auguste Meyrat, Crisis Magazine, Aug. 4, 2022

Auguste Meyrat is an English teacher and department chair in north Texas. He has a BA in Arts and Humanities from University of Texas at Dallas and an MA in Humanities from the University of Dallas.

In a recent essay in Newsweek
, Discovery Institute Director Stephen Meyer makes the case for God by examining new scientific discoveries which suggest His existence. Specifically, he points to the new evidence showing that the physical universe has a beginning, the vast number of physical variables that have allowed life and the physical universe to exist, and the unusually complex structures of DNA and RNA molecules that ”vastly exceed our own digital high technology in their storage and transmission capabilities.”

All this indicates that the universe was designed and put into existence by a Divine Creator. Otherwise, one has to make the case that everything is a product of chance. One can certainly make this argument, and many do, but this becomes increasingly difficult as scientists continue to learn more about the universe. …

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