Religious Liberty Isn’t Enough, by Ryan T. Anderson

No Other Gods, by Chris Sparks
February 1, 2021
The Real Greenhouse-Gas Polluter Isn’t The United States, It’s China, by Helen Raleigh
February 1, 2021

Cultural conservatives also need to defend our views, which are scientifically sound and popular.

President Biden’s pledge to heal and unify seems to mean giving the far left everything it demands in the culture wars. Conservatives therefore must resist. Yet in doing so we must avoid the trap of framing every debate as if it were about religious liberty.

Religious liberty is important, but it’s only part of the story. As the Biden administration advances a divisive and extreme social agenda, our response can’t simply be a polite request to be left alone. We need to oppose the left’s agenda on the merits. It’s the principled thing to do, and it will be good politics given where the American people actually are on the issues.  …

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