Report: Joe Biden Set to Promptly Reverse Pro-Life Policies

“The Time is Coming When Everything That is Covered Up Will be Revealed…” St. Luke
January 19, 2021
My Catholic Beliefs Landed Me in Twitter Jail, by Eric Sammons
January 20, 2021

A report released Monday states that the newly incoming Biden administration will waste no time reversing several policies that protect the unborn including the Mexico City policy and the Protect Life rule.

WASHINGTON — President-elect Joe Biden is expected to promptly roll back pro-life policies the Trump administration put in place, NBC News reported on Monday.

Biden, who will become the second Roman Catholic president when he is sworn in to office on Jan. 20, is believed to be seeking to repeal the Trump administration’s Protect Life Rule and the expanded Mexico City Policy.

The Protect Life Rule prevents organizations which perform or refer for abortions from receiving Title X family planning funds. It effectively stripped Planned Parenthood of approximately $60 million annually in federal funding.

The Mexico City Policy prohibits federal funding of international non-governmental organizations which promote abortion as a method of family planning. …

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