Report: Married Deacons Offering Mass in the Amazon, by Stephen Wynne

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September 12, 2019
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By Stephen Wynne, Church Militant, September 11, 2019

Fr. Giovanni Nicolini: ‘The Church of priests is coming to an end’

VATICAN CITY ( – A prominent Italian priest is claiming that married deacons are — with Pope Francis’ blessing — celebrating “Mass” in the Amazon.

On Tuesday, Vatican expert Sandro Magister reported on a newly released video in which “esteemed” Bologna archdiocesan priest Fr. Giovanni Nicolini calls for the repeal of the clerical celibacy rule. The clip, published Aug. 29 on YouTube, was recorded as part of a “lesson” Fr. Nicolini gave last month to followers of La Rosa Bianca, a Catholic “political-cultural” association.

Described by Magister as “among those closest” to Pope Francis, Nicolini pointed to the Oct. 6–27 Amazon Synod as a revolutionary opportunity to dispense with the discipline of priestly celibacy.

The “Church of priests is coming to an end,” the leftist priest declared. “We are now reaching the height of folly, every priest is taking care of six parishes, but this is how it ends.” ….