Rev. Graham: ‘Thank God’ We Have a President Who ‘Knows How to Take Charge’, by Michael W. Chapman

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March 21, 2020
Daily Reading & Meditation: Saturday (March 21)
March 21, 2020

By Michael W. Chapman, CNS News, March 20, 2020

In response to CNN accusing the president of peddling “false hope” against the coronavirus pandemic, Christian leader Franklin Graham noted how President Trump has put America on a “war-time footing” and said, “Thank God we have a Commander in Chief who knows how to take charge and stand with hope in front of dark clouds of despair” on the horizon.

On Friday, CNN ran a headline that said, “Trump peddles unsubstantiated hope in dark times.” This was in response to Trump saying he had a “good feeling” about a malaria drug that is going to be tested against the coronavirus.

Trump, standing next to Dr. Anthony Fauci at the White House, did not say the drug would cure the virus.  He said, “It may work. It may not work. I feel good about it.” Fauci also made no promises. In the article by Stephen Collinson, CNN claimed Trump was “adopting the audacity of false hope.”  ….

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