Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky: What the Imposing of Ideological Fantasies Reveals (DEI)

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May 6, 2023
The Inherent Hypocrisy of Liberal Ideology, by Phil Lawler
May 6, 2023

*Image: Tables of the Law with the Golden Calf by Cosimo Rosselli, 1481-82 [Sistine Chapel (South Wall), Vatican]

By Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky, The Catholic Thing, May 6, 2023

Father Jerry J. Pokorsky is a priest of the Diocese of Arlington. He is pastor of St. Catherine of Siena parish in Great Falls, Virginia.


There is an instructive story about an American hostage who asks his Iranian captors to listen to reason. They agree, but add, “Then we kill you.” Ideologues are not open to dialog.

The diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), now everywhere in our society, is an ideology that repackages René Descartes’ dictum. “I think, therefore I am.” We are “ghosts in a machine.” Our thinking – actually fantasies – determine our reality. But this projection of delusions, disconnected from empirical reality, requires us to deny or distort human and historical experience.

Secularists occasionally ask, for example, “Where is transgenderism forbidden in the Bible?” An informed Catholic, eager to persuade an errant soul, might naively acknowledge that the Bible does not list transgenderism as a sin. But we understand the Bible in the historical context of Church teaching and Tradition. …

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