Richard A. Spinello: Pope Francis’s Candid Views on Sexual Morality

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February 12, 2019
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By Richard A. Spinello, Crisis Magazine, February 12, 2019

Just weeks before the Catholic Church’s summit on the sexual abuse crisis the faithful became privy to Pope Francis’s rather unorthodox views on sexual morality. In a book length interview  with Frenchman Dominque Wolton, who accompanied Pope Francis to World Youth Day in Panama, the pope concurs with Wolton’s premise that the most radical message of the Gospel is greed and “money madness.” This message is obscured, however, due to the Church’s preoccupation with sexual immorality and deviance.  In his response to a question about how to refocus the Church on this proper message the pope speaks in generalities that bristle with clues about his true sentiments on chastity along with the import of sexual misconduct among the clergy.

According to the Pope, “There is a great danger for preachers, and it is that of condemning only the morality that is—pardon me—‘below the belt.’ But other sins that are more serious, hatred, envy, pride, vanity, killing another, taking a life … these are rarely mentioned.” He goes on to elaborate that “sins of the flesh are the lightest sins, because the flesh is weak.” On the other hand, the most dangerous sins are “those of the spirit … angelism, pride.”…Read more at