Rochester’s Bishop Emeritus Clark Admits Recycling Predator Priests, by Bradley Eli

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By Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th., Church Militant, July 8, 2020

Rochester diocese discredits testimony

ROCHESTER, N.Y. ( – Testimony from Rochester’s former bishop is confirming he routinely reassigned to ministry priests accused of pedophilia.

Mitchell Garabedian

In testimony released on Monday, Rochester’s Bp. Emeritus Matthew Clark admits under oath that he was aware of sexual abuse allegations against priests, who he nonetheless returned to active ministry after sending them to rehabilitation centers. Mitchell Garabedian, an attorney representing 94 sexual abuse victims suing the diocese of Rochester, says Clark’s deposition, given in March, indicates Clark did shelter known pedophile priests.

“The testimony by Bp. Matthew Clark under oath in his deposition of March 3, 2020 indicates that Bp. Clark hid pedophilia from the public for decades just as clergy sexual abuse victims had suspected,” Garabedian commented.

The diocese, however, is downplaying the veracity of Clark’s testimony, saying his memory isn’t reliable owing to the apparent onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  ….

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