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December 31, 2020
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By Jules Gomes, Church Militant, December 30, 2020  

Vatican issues new pro-vaccine diktat as doctors rebel against vax regime

ROME ( – The Vatican issued a new edict Tuesday declaring vaccination a “moral responsibility,” after Italian authorities cracked down on a rebellion by medics questioning the COVID-19 vaccine and half the Italian population expressed reluctance to receive the jab.

The regulatory authority Omceo Roma (Order of Doctors of Rome) began disciplinary proceedings against at least 13 doctors, including prominent Catholic surgeon Mariano Amici, for claiming the COVID vaccine “risks being ineffective and even dangerous.”

Antonio Magi, president of Omceo Roma, accused the health care professionals of misleading, confusing and misinforming patients on television and social media.  

“It isn’t a witch hunt,” Magi told La Repubblica. “I have an ethical obligation to sanction those who declare falsehoods. Anyone who gives incorrect information to the public must be punished. There is a code of ethics to follow. And we have a civic and moral duty to vaccinate.”  …

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