Saints Who Were Moms Balancing Work and Family Life, by Meg Hunter-Kilmer

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March 13, 2021
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March 13, 2021

Maria_Corsini_and_children. WIKI. Public Domain

By Meg Hunter-Kilmer, Aleteia, March 13, 2021

These women knew the challenge of caring for their children and answering the economic needs of their families.

Any conversation about working mothers through history needs to acknowledge that all mothers are working mothers and that for centuries those who stayed at home with their children were nearly always doing many hours of labor a day, even if they had no outside employer. Mothers have always been farmers and seamstresses and laundresses and diplomats, even if nobody was paying them for their work. But there are also saints who had jobs that took them from home each day or that occupied them in the home as they earned money to support their families. In a world where so many mothers work outside the home (or from the home), it’s deeply encouraging to have Saints to look to who also fought to balance work and family life.  …

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