Saving the Secular Easter, by Charles Coulombe

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April 5, 2021
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April 5, 2021

By Charles Coulombe, Crisis Magazine, April 5, 2021

Charles A. Coulombe is a contributing editor at Crisis and the magazine’s European correspondent.  …

For those who use as their calendar that great barometer of the year, i.e., the seasonal sales displays in retail stores and supermarkets, the passing of February’s red hearts for St. Valentine’s Day (or green shamrocks a month later for St. Patrick’s) makes way for Easter baskets and egg coloring kits. Indeed, for those of us who keep Lent, those baskets have almost a taunting quality—redolent of bunnies and ducks and lambs and ham, all while we are trying not to think of sweets and meat.

But for all of that, Easter is a retail dwarf compared to the superstar of merchandising, Christmas. As we know, in recent years, Christmas creep has caused the Christmas displays to start ever earlier, crowding out Thanksgiving entirely and backing up against Halloween …..