School Board Warfare, by Joseph Enders  

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June 24, 2021
Catholic Bishops vs. Pro-Abortion Democrats, by Steve Jordahl
June 24, 2021

By Joseph Enders, Church Militant, June 22, 2021

Sick of the Marxism

RANDOLPH, N.J. ( – The fight against Marxist orthodoxy in public schools is kicking off in historically blue states as schools in both New Jersey and California encounter ongoing pressure to expel leftism.

The Randolph, New Jersey school board on Monday backed down from its vote to remove holidays, including Columbus Day, from the school calendar — voting 8–1 to reinstate the old calendar after hundreds of angry Italian Americans and parents called for the board’s resignation.

One speaker was state Sen. Anthony Bucco, who represents Randolph in New Jersey’s 25th District. …

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