Seeking the Wrong Savior This Advent, by Sarah Cain

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December 14, 2022
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December 14, 2022

This Advent, it’s clear that people surely yearn for a Savior, and they are looking for political figures to play the role. But whoever is chosen will under-deliver on his over-promises.

By Sarah Cain, Crisis Magazine, Dec. 14, 2022

Sarah Cain, known as The Crusader Gal, is a political and cultural commentator who makes regular videos about the decline of the West, and she writes Homefront Crusade. …


Sarah CainThis Advent, it’s clear that people surely yearn for a Savior. Who shall it be this time? Is it DeSantis? Trump? Elon Musk? Kanye/Ye? These are some of the key figures who have garnered dominant attention. As the hunt for a Savior takes off, those who have selected their hero simultaneously seek to sully the reputation of any other contenders. Their purest pick must be seen to transcend all others.

Whoever is chosen will under-deliver on his over-promises, having knelt to the coercion of a political game that requires the rebranding of oneself as the long-sought savior who will set right all wrongs, if only he is elected. …

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