Seminarians Teach, Promote Gregorian Chant Through Unique YouTube Channel, by Jake Ross

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OP Chant / YouTube

By Jake Ross, LifeSiteNews, Dec. 10, 2019

December 10, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A new YouTube channel started by young seminarians in Switzerland is teaching people around the world about beauty and tradition in the Catholic liturgy.

The channel is the project of Brother Alexandre Frezzato, from the Wallis region in Switzerland, and Brother Stefan Ansinger, from the Netherlands. Both study at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and are Dominican seminarians. The brothers provide a weekly private class in Gregorian chant to anyone willing to learn.

The channel got started in October 2019 and has already received thousands of hits from around the world. Brothers Alexandre and Stefan are just starting, though. It’s now Advent, the beginning of a new liturgical year, so those who subscribe to the channel can follow the Church’s liturgical year with the brothers.

Brothers Alexandre and Stefan hungered to learn about and share with others the Gregorian chant tradition of their Dominican Order, which is 800 years old. These ancient Latin chants are, paradoxically, more popular among young people than they are with their older superiors. The Dominican tradition of Gregorian chant, which varies slightly from that of other orders, includes all the liturgical hymns and antiphons of the Catholic year in unique musical settings. ….

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