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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, President Donald Trump. C Span

By Jim Hᴏft, Gateway Pundit, Apr. 17, 2024

Senator Rand Paul has issued a stern warning to former President Donald Trump regarding his continued support for Speaker Mike Johnson.

Speaker Mike Johnson, the self-proclaimed “wartime speaker,” announced on Wednesday that he is proceeding with his intention to introduce a series of foreign aid bills for discussion, including provisions for funding Ukraine.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Joe Biden, Democrats, House Speaker Mike Johnson, and the RINOs are colluding on an aid package for Ukraine.

The $95 billion package provides an additional “$60.84 billion to address the conflict in Ukraine and assist our regional partners as they counter Russia, $23.2 billion of which will be used for replenishment of U.S. weapons, stocks, and facilities.” It also provides aid to both Israel and, reportedly, Palestine. …

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