Sex-Ed Guidelines Designed to ‘Severely Desensitize’ Pre-Teens, by Bob Kellogg

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By Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow, June 21, 2019

A California school district has come up with yet another effort to pervert the minds of young children, says a family advocate: “condom races” for 10- and 11-year-old female students. (Caution: This story contains graphic descriptions that may offend some.)

This absurd “lesson” involves the girls – in front of the boys in their class – running to become the first to put a condom on an anatomical model of an “erect adult male penis,” according to a report by The Christian Post. It’s evidently part of the new sex-ed guidance for California’s K-12 public and charter school students.

Linda Harvey of Mission: America contends that games such as this are meant to create anarchy in America. “Getting 10-year-olds to handle condoms [and] put condoms on male, anatomical models is just one way to severely desensitize them and normalize sex in all kinds of directions,” she tells OneNewsNow.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America)According to Harvey, the school may send in a Planned Parenthood representative to take over if a teacher chooses not to teach the curriculum. She says the children “will be lied to” if that happens.

“And then there’s also, of course, the money issue,” Harvey continues. “There’s a lot of money coming into these promoters of sexually explicit sex-education lessons.”

It’s fortunate, she says, that parents can opt their child out of such lessons – adding that’s why it’s vital for parents to investigate what’s being taught.

The new guidance for public and charter schools throughout the state is the first in the country to require students be taught lessons on transgender topics starting in pre-K and kindergarten, says CP. That report quotes a former public school teacher describing the curriculum as “written almost like a college fraternity … in a very crass and a juvenile way.”

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