Shia LaBeouf Converts to Catholicism After Studying for ‘Padre Pio’ Movie, by Timothy H.J. Nerozzi

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“I know now that God was using my ego to draw me to Him. Drawing me away from worldly desires.” said LaBeaouf. Shia Labeouf joined the Roman Catholic Church after living with a monastery of Franciscan Capuchin friars in order to understand the late mystic St. Padre Pio. Youtube. Bishop Robert Barron

By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi , Fox News, August 25, 2022

Actor Shia LaBeouf said he converted to Christianity while shooting his upcoming film “Padre Pio” and has become a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

LaBeouf revealed his conversion in an interview released Thursday with Word on Fire Catholic Ministries’ Bishop Robert Barron.

The actor first engaged with the church while living with a monastery of Franciscan Capuchin friars in order to better understand the late mystic St. Padre Pio, whom LaBeouf portrays in the upcoming movie.

Heading into the project, LaBeouf said that he was at the darkest point in his life after a series of public scandals. He was drawn to spirituality and joined a variety of faith groups to find meaning, fighting thoughts of helplessness and suicide. …

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