Sidney Powell: ‘We’re Fixing to Overturn the Results of the Election in Multiple States’, (WATCH) by Susan Jones

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November 16, 2020
Tens of Thousands of Trump Supporters Flood Streets of DC, Urge Pres. ‘Do Not Quit!’ as He Fights For Fair Election, by Martin Bürger
November 16, 2020

By Susan Jones, CNSNews, November 16, 2020

WATCH: Sidney Powell With Maria Bartiromo – 11.15.20

( – Attorney Sidney Powell, now part of the legal team investigating alleged election fraud for the Trump campaign, said on Sunday she’s found “massive election fraud” resulting from the software produced by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems.

Powell alleges that votes cast through Dominion/Smartmatic were “wiped away.”

However, Dominion Voting Systems, in a message on its webpage, “categorically denies false assertions about vote switching issues.”

And in a statement on its website, Smartmatic says it “has never provided Dominion Voting Systems with any software, hardware or other technology. The two companies are competitors in the marketplace.” …

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