Sister Dede, Masking Kids, Forced Vaccinations Are ‘Diabolical’ Fear-Tactics Meant to Control People, by Ashley Sadler

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August 7, 2021
‘This Is a Battle Between Our Lord and the Devil’: Doctor-Nun Slams Forced Vaccines, Communism
August 8, 2021

Sister Dede pointed out that Christians are fighting a battle not “between Republicans and Democrats, or Left and Right, or Conservatives and Liberals.”


(LifeSiteNews) – Even though Sister Deirdre ‘Dede’ Byrne made headlines around the world as one of the superstars at the Republican National Convention last year, she’s now done something even more controversial. On Wednesday, she spoke at Truth for Health’s Stop the Shot Conference, strongly condemning the COVID so-called ‘vaccine’ and its connection to abortion.

A former doctor in the Army Medical Corps, and currently a doctor-nun, Sister Byrne joined me in this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show to discuss her motivation to speak at the RNC, denying Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians, the coronavirus jab, and much more. …