Six Steps to Catholic Joy, by Mr. Randy Hain

Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: Abide in My Love
May 6, 2021
CNA: Catholic Bishops Oppose Texas Gun Bill that ‘Advances a Culture of Violence’
May 6, 2021

By Mr. Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic May 6, 2021

Mr. Randy Hain is President of Serviam Partners ( and is a sought-after executive coach and leadership consultant for business leaders and companies all over the country. …


Randy HainI recently had coffee with a fellow Catholic who gloomily shared his ongoing struggles with overtly living out his faith in the real world and reluctance to discuss his faith with others. He made it clear that going to Mass on Sunday was all he could or should be doing. Unfortunately, this is a very common tale. The conversation became really interesting and a little uncomfortable when we discussed why people become apathetic about their faith, hesitate about converting or leave the Church altogether.

It became obvious to me after a few minutes that how my coffee companion presented his faith to the world and how others view the Catholic Church may be connected. …

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