So It’s ‘Planned Profit-Hood’ After All

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September 12, 2017
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By Charlie Butts,, September 11, 2017

An Ohio-based pro-life group is reporting that the Planned Parenthood clinic in Delaware, Ohio, is set to close soon, which means the city’s closest abortion facility will then be a 45-minute drive away.

Greater Columbus Right to Life executive director Beth Vanderkooi reports that Planned Parenthood has shuttered 38 percent of its facilities in Ohio.

“Planned Parenthood is constantly threatening lawmakers and the general public that if it loses state or federal subsidies to their business, then it is going to be forced to close down in rural and underserved health areas,” she tells OneNewsNow.

“But the reality is they’re already doing it. They’re already closing small-market clinics.”

That seems contrary to the abortion company’s mantra that shutting down abortion clinics would mean that some women could have to travel 100 miles or more for an abortion. Planned Parenthood has raised this argument against the Texas abortion clinic law, which has been partially struck down by the Supreme Court. The law in Texas said that abortionists had to have admitting privileges at a local hospital, and that the clinics had to run their facilities up to code with hospital-like standards.

“The mergers and the focus are on profit, driving Planned Parenthood clinics out of communities where they argue that they’re needed and into areas where they have ready access to a large number of paying or subsidized customers,” Vanderkooi states.

What conservatives and pro-life organizations argue is that the federal government should divert funds that go to Planned Parenthood to local medical clinics that don’t offer abortions in order to better serve true health needs in those areas.

Don’t waste a good disaster

A former abortion clinic director says abortion activists are up to their old tricks and taking advantage of tragedy to raise money.

OneNewsNow has reported that two groups – the Lilith Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice America – have teamed up and are raising money supposedly to offer free abortions that, in fact, aren’t free. Abby Johnson of And Then There Were None pro-life ministry says it’s not a new tactic on the part of the abortion industry.


“Planned Parenthood has done this in the past,” she begins. “When I worked at Planned Parenthood and Hurricane Katrina came through, we did the same thing. It was [about] raising money – Let’s give out free abortions. You know, it wasn’t Let’s go donate to food banks, let’s go work in the shelters. It was Let’s help these women obtain abortions – and essentially just piling tragedy on top of tragedy.”

As Johnson explains, the Littlith Fund and Warren Buffett Foundation provide the funding for the abortions, but the abortion clinics don’t do abortions free of charge.

“They are performing the abortion and then billing it to the Lilith Fund or they’re billing it to Warren Buffett’s Foundation and they’re getting paid for it,” she continues. “So it’s really just another opportunity for this industry to exploit women and to not actually address the needs of these women who really need help at this time.”

Meanwhile, pro-life counselors are at abortion clinics in hurricane-impacted areas on the Gulf Coast and in Florida asking women to not abort their child. Johnson says on her group’s registry, people are purchasing diapers, cribs (both full-size and portable), car seats, and other items those pro-life pregnancy centers need to provide for the real needs of the women. In contrast, Lilith has raised $4,000.