Socialism Among the Socially Distanced, by Anna Abbott

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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Socialism goes against human nature. It’s no surprise that today’s socialists call for an end to the family.

By Anna Abbott, EWTN News, 6/16/20

With record numbers unemployed, “nonessential” businesses shuttered, livelihoods shattered and rioting in major cities, apologist Trent Horn and economist Catherine R. Pakaluk’s Can a Catholic be a Socialist? (The Answer is No — Here’s Why) (Catholic Answers, El Cajon, 2020) is eerily prescient.

The opening chapter, “The Return of Socialism,” explains why economic distress leads to support for socialism. One can see why “Medicare for all” and “universal income” look like lifesavers in a time of crisis.

The value of this book is its discussion of Catholicism and socialism. Catholics, who in good faith, believe socialism and Catholicism are compatible will be given arguments that flatly contradict their theory.

The authors define socialism as “government ownership of the economy and the abolishment of private property.” They further elaborate, “Under socialism, governments create and sustain the production of goods and services by running businesses and employing individuals.”  …

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