Author Stella Morabito profileCommunism is clearly a modern form of slavery, as I’ll explain below. Yet recent opinion polls show that communism is ridiculously popular with younger generations of Americans, especially when it’s presented as “socialism.”

In 2020, 49 percent of Gen Z and 47 percent of Millennials said they viewed socialism favorably, numbers that dipped slightly in 2022. That same year, 58 percent of young Democrats said they had a positive view of socialism (compared with only 29 percent who had a positive view of capitalism). These numbers are all the more horrifying when you consider what communism actually demands of us.

Communism is slavery that poses as justice. This has been proven over 100 years of history and by at least 100 million murders at the hands of communist regimes treating their human subjects as chattel. Socialism is the weasel word that paves the path to the slavery we politely call communism or Marxism. …

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