Societal Decline! A Frightening, Global Phenomenon, by Patricia Anthone

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January 30, 2023
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January 30, 2023

By Patricia Anthone, America Out Loud, Jan. 29, 2023

Patricia (Tricia) Anthone has been an involved advocate of liberty in a number of volunteer capacities since 2013, including service to the Convention of States Project at multiple levels, the Colorado Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Colorado Freedom Force, Founder’s Keep, and her local Tea Party chapters. …


Patricia AnthoneSocial and economic order is being undermined throughout the Western World. It’s not a coincidence. Societies throughout the West have been infiltrated at all levels by communist ideologues subscribed to the one-world, totalitarian vision advanced by Klaus Schwab and his gathering of megalomaniacs who met in Davos last week.

Global control obviously cannot be achieved by the exercise of sheer force. The effort has required a decades-long attempt to subvert the West’s enlightened respect for the equal standing of each person in the ownership of his or her life, mind, and property. By chipping away at this definition of morality, the very foundation of Western Civilization is being systematically dismantled and supplanted with communist ideology. Respect for individuals places meaningful constraints on the exercise of authority. If unlimited authority is the goal, respect for the person must be replaced with a Marxist focus on oppression and social (collective) justice. …

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