Southern Baptists Vote to Oppose ‘Willful Destruction’ of Life through IVF, by Jules Gomes

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By Jules Gomes, The Stream, June 17, 2024

Dr. Jules Gomes, (BA, BD, MTh, PhD), has a doctorate in biblical studies from the University of Cambridge. Currently a Vatican-accredited journalist based in Rome, he is the author of five books and several academic articles. Gomes lectured at Catholic and Protestant seminaries and universities and was canon theologian and artistic director at Liverpool Cathedral.


America’s largest Protestant denomination voted last week to oppose the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) because it results in the “willful destruction” of human embryos “wantonly created” in the process.

In a 700-word resolution, the Southern Baptist Convention, which has almost 13 million church members spread across 45,000 churches nationwide, committed itself on June 12 to uphold its historic moral teaching affirming “the value of every human life” and opposing “the use of technology that disregards the sanctity of human life.”

“Biblical creation order portrays the embodied union of husband and wife as the singular normative expression for procreation (Genesis 1:27–28),” the resolution categorically asserted. …

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