Spiritual Egalitarianism is Deadly

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February 26, 2019
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By Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine, Feb. 26, 2019

Anthony Esolen

“It’s not going to be long now,” says the doctor, as you stand beside the bed of your loved one. “Shall I send for the head of the Liturgy Committee?”

Some years ago, on the island where we live during the summer, the bishop assigned a new priest and told him that his job was going to involve the closing of one or two of the four churches. I hate the closing of a church as much as I hate death. Or rather more, because for the place where people once worshiped, there is no promise of resurrection to new life. It is a blank, like a parking lot where a green field used to be.

But we were soon visited by a fellow layman in the know, inviting me also to be in the know, and to assist Wayne—as I will call him—in the novus ordo saeclorum. I didn’t want to be in the know. I didn’t share the layman’s odd jubilation at the consolidation of parishes. I also did not want to call the new priest Wayne, or even Father Wayne. I don’t need spiritual buddies. I do need an abbot, a real father. I don’t need democracy. I do need a hierarchy of humble authority and cheerful obedience. My soul needs it, as my body needs sunshine and fresh air….Read entire article, go to:  https://www.crisismagazine.com/2019/spiritual-egalitarianism-is-deadly