SPLC Brands Parents’ Rights Groups Hateful ‘Extremists’ – Because They Promote Policies Majority of Americans Support, by Craig Bannister

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June 9, 2023
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June 9, 2023

By Craig Bannister, MRC TV, June 8, 2023

On Tuesday, the far-left activist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published its latest list of what it considers “hate and antigovernment extremist groups,” including parental rights groups because they want schools to stop teaching racist, anti-white propaganda and exposing young children to liberal sexual and gender ideology.

SPLC’s annual “YEAR IN HATE & EXTREMISM” report labels at least a dozen parental rights groups as “hate” groups or antigovernment extremists, mainly because they oppose schools exposing young children to transgender ideology propaganda and the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT). …

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