St. John Bosco: A Patron for Men & Boys in a Cultural Crisis, by Kelly Marcum

New Indictments and ‘Cardinal’s Lady’ Shake Up Vatican Financial Trial, by Claire Giangravé
January 29, 2022
Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: Why Are You Afraid?
January 29, 2022

By Kelly Marcum, Catholic Exchange, Jan. 28, 2022

Kelly Marcum studied International Politics at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and received her M.A. from the War Studies Department at King’s College London. …

My two-year-old son loves books. He does not know yet the glory of reading, but he is quickly realizing the wonder and joy to be found in a good story. This morning, as I tried to sneak in a few moments of prayer and reading before my children awoke, I was interrupted by the soft patter of footie-jammie clad feet coming down the hallway. Seeing me on the couch, my son walked straight to the bookshelf, grabbed a book—Winnie the Pooh being the literary choice du jour—and clambered up into my lap. As the sun crept up and we journeyed through the Hundred Acre Wood together, I silently prayed these quiet moments would seep into his soul, forming a protective barrier to guard against what I fear the world will try to teach him. I know too well that the Father of Lies will strain with every fiber of his being to tell my son that he is not worthy of redemption or capable of goodness. Worse, his insidious lies will be echoed, and even gleefully trumpeted, in nearly every sphere of our broken society. …

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