States Rejecting, by Paul Murano

Vaccine Passport Totalitarianism, by William Mahoney
April 1, 2021
Archbishop Viganò: A Meditation on the Passion and Death of the Lord
April 3, 2021

By Paul Murano, Church Militant, April 1, 2021



News anchor: “Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota and Texas have all lifted their mask mandates.”

More states are refusing mask mandates along with other pandemic protocols, and the establishment powers are not happy. Wisconsin and Wyoming are the latest states to stop mandating face coverings, despite Joe Biden’s apparent emotional plea.

Joe Biden: “Please, this is not politics. Reinstate the mandate if you let it down.”

Wisconsin Supreme Court Wednesday blocked Democrat governor Tony Evers from continuing to impose face masks on his state. Wyoming’s Republican governor Mark Gordon already lifted his state’s restrictions March 16. A total of 19 states, at this point, are not requiring masks. …

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