Support the Human Cell Product Labeling Act

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January 13, 2022
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January 13, 2022

By Edward Szymkowiak, Crisis Magazine, Jan. 13, 2022

Edward Szymkowiak, was the National Director of American Life League’s STOPP International from 2000 to 2004. A father of six and grandfather of five, he has been a Catholic educator for many years, currently teaching at a Catholic high school in Maryland.

Are you willing to prolong your life by using medical products developed from human tissue that was obtained by killing another human being? Put that way, likely not too many people would answer in the affirmative. But what has happened to medical research and development since abortion was legalized?

It is clear that many of the vaccines for COVID-19, and some childhood vaccines, were developed and/or tested with human cell lines originating from a person killed in an abortion many years ago.  …

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