Supreme Court Says Catholic Schools Can Be Catholic, by Matthew Archbold

Supreme Court Defers to Canon Law in Catholic School Decision, by Patrick Reilly
July 9, 2020
AP: After Lobbying, Catholic Church Won $1.4B in COVID19 Virus Aid
July 10, 2020

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Any institution that can’t hire and fire for mission no longer has a mission.

By Matthew Archbold, EWTN News, 7/9/20

Catholics should be celebrating. I know the world seems a little crazy right now and Catholics, at least the online ones, seem to be at each other’s throats for various reasons. There’s also a great deal of confusion in the Church right now. But let’s, just for right now, focus on the good news.

I mean, as Catholics we’re called to spread the “GOOD NEWS” and this week there’s been plenty.

In a 7-2 ruling in the case Little Sisters of the Poor Saints Peter and Paul Home v. Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court upheld rules allowing employers to opt out of paying for birth control in their health care plans based on their religious beliefs.  ….