Suspicions Arise Over Chinese Biotech Land Purchase in the State of Florida, by Susan Price

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October 7, 2022
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October 7, 2022


By Susan Price. America Out Loud, Oct 6, 2022

Susan Price is a National Gold Star Mother and resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The daughter of a Marine, and Army Veteran, She is also the Mother of a Fallen American Hero, Gunnery Sgt, Aaron Michael Kenefick, a highly decorated and stellar Marine of over twelve years. …


AvatarMore than 22 million people reside in the great state of Florida, with an estimated new arrival of 300,000 a year relocating from many states across America and internationally. Some of the magic and attraction to the Sunshine State are the weather, the beaches, and its agriculture, but also the conservative politics of Governor Ron DeSantis are attractive to many caught up in progressive liberal crime-driven hellholes.

DeSantis is a no-nonsense leader with a solid moral compass who has also inspired a like-minded community of patriots that had been driven out of their former states because of nefarious political and corporate agendas. …

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