Sustainability: The Social Justice Trojan Horse, by Jerome German

A Line In the Sand, by Paul Murano
June 10, 2021
EXCLUSIVE: Chiropractor Targeted by FTC for Selling Vitamin D, Zinc to Fight the Coronavirus Speaks Out
June 10, 2021

By Jerome German, Crisis Magazine, June 10, 2021

Jerome German is a retired manufacturing engineer, father of eleven, and grandfather of a multitude. …

Jerome GermanThe United Nations is persistently pursuing “sustainable development,” a goal with which some in the Church hierarchy, even the pope, seems to be onboard. This is troubling in a time when many see U.N. global initiatives as thinly-veiled Marxist ploys. Still, no matter what the subject, it seems such a reasonable question when someone chimes, “But, is it sustainable?” Sustainability is a good thing; who can argue with that? If recent times have taught us anything, it is that any good thing can be hijacked toward an evil end. …

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