Texas City Bans Abortion Clinics, Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn”, A Preventive Measure

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By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, June 12, 2019

Waskom,  Texas – Members of a Texas city council declared their home a “sanctuary city for the unborn” Tuesday in a unanimous vote.

KETK News reports leaders of Waskom, an eastern Texas city, said their pro-life ordinance is a preventive measure that they hope will keep abortion businesses out of their area.

Waskom is not far from the border of Louisiana, which recently passed a law banning abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable. City leaders said they do not want abortion businesses to try to open in their city to attract women from across the border.

The ordinance says Roe v. Wade and other laws permitting abortion are “unconstitutional usurpations of judicial power, which violate both the Tenth Amendment the Republican Form of Government Clause, and are null and void in the City of Waskom.”

“We decided to take things into our own hands, and we’ve got to do something to protect our cities and to protect the unborn children,” said Mark Lee Dickson, director of the Right to Life with East Texas, according to KTAL.

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The mayor and city attorney expressed concerns that the ordinance likely would be struck down in court as unconstitutional. They said the city cannot afford an expensive lawsuit.

However, the city council passed the ordinance unanimously.

Here’s more from KTAL:

The final vote approving the move was met with cheers from the public.

In response to a possible lawsuit, the people of Waskom said they still support moving forward because they say God will take care of them.

Advocates of the ordinance say they got the idea for this ordinance from Rosewell, New Mexico, which passed a similar one earlier this year.

Roswell city leaders passed their pro-life resolution in March after state lawmakers considered a radical pro-abortion bill to expand late-term abortions. The bill narrowly failed in the state Senate.

About a month later, the Riverton City Council in Utah passed a similar resolution, declaring the city a “sanctuary for the unborn.”

In New York state, Batavia city leaders and Putnam County legislators also took action to condemn a radical new pro-abortion law in their state earlier this year.

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