Texas Sues 4 Swing States: Tx AG Ken Paxton’ If Other States Don’t Follow the Constitution…It Affects My State’

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December 9, 2020
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December 9, 2020

By Susan Jones, CNSNews, December 9, 2020

(CNSNews.com) – The U.S. Supreme Court has placed on its docket a lawsuit filed by Texas asking the court to “delay the deadline for the appointment of presidential electors” so ongoing voter fraud investigations may be completed.

The State of Texas says the Supreme Court should “ultimately” direct (Republican) legislatures in four swing states to appoint the presidential electors.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed the lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, where the Trump campaign alleges the election was “stolen” from him.

“It’s really important to my state that my voters be represented,” Paxton told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Tuesday night.

“And if other states don’t follow the Constitution, and if their state legislature isn’t responsible for overseeing their elections and we have other people who are not under the Constitution supposed to be doing this, it affects my state.  …

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