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Healthy Food

God has designed us in remarkable ways

By Jim Schroeder, EWTN News, January 16, 2023

Jim Schroeder, PhD, is the Vice President of the Department of Psychology and Wellness, and training director of the pre-doctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship at Easterseals Rehabilitation Center in Evansville, Indiana. …


The body’s biochemistry is nothing short of amazing and science is increasingly revealing the role that nutrition is involved with this.

Jim SchroederIn considering this, let’s begin with the mysterious world of methylation. Billions of times every second, our bodies are transporting methyl groups to our DNA. They are made up of three hydrogen and one carbon atom. They are involved in what is called epigenetics, which is the expression of each gene. While the gene code appears immutable, the expression of the gene itself is quite malleable.

Consider the example of a dimmer switch, in which the brightness of a light can be modified. Similarly, the expression of a particular gene (and how it affects our functioning and development) can be altered significantly by the environment, and it appears that nutrition plays a key role in this gene modification. …