Thank You, Fr. Sheehy, by Sheila Fullerton

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November 19, 2022
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By Sheila Fullerton, Complicit Clergy, Crisis Magazine, November 17, 2022 

Dear Fr. Sheehy,

Thanks to the wonder of technology, I have been able to watch the sermon you delivered to the congregation present in Listowel. I feel compelled to write to thank you for your brave, truthful, and honest sermon, in which you directly addressed the insidious nature of sin embedded within society today; a society which actively promotes, validates, and encourages abortion, same-sex relationships, and what you describe as the “lunacy” of transgenderism. You also reminded us of the consequences of such mortal sin.

I thank you for honoring your responsibility as a priest and reminding us that sin is an objective entity that has, sadly, been written into the infrastructure of our society. …