Thank You, Senator Manchin, by Star Parker

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December 22, 2021
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December 22, 2021

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.

By Star Parker, Patriot Post, Dec. 22, 2021

Manchin has been a one-man show in the Democratic Party.

The saying, “One man with courage makes a majority” has been attributed by historians to different sources.

But regardless of who said it, there is one man who stands out today worthy of this description.

It’s West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin.

Manchin has been a one-man show in the Democratic Party, standing often in solitude, holding feet-to-the-fire of his president and his party’s leadership, pushing back on the massive and irresponsible spending avalanche in the Build Back Better act.

Now, Manchin has slammed the door, saying he can’t vote for the bill, effectively killing it. …

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