The 60 Million Deaths We’ve Forgotten (And They’re Not From COVID-19), Allen Jackson

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January 22, 2021
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January 22, 2021


By January 21, 2021

Allen Jackson is senior pastor of World Outreach Church, a congregation of 15,000; and he is founder of Allen Jackson Ministries, though which his biblical messages have been broadcast nationally and internationally on multiple platforms. His latest book, God Bless American Again, released Oct. 1.

Do you imagine COVID-19 to be a greater threat than the wrath of God?

We’ve gone to great lengths, totally rearranging our lives in response to COVID-19. Nothing is the same: churches, businesses, schools, airlines, government offices, sports, the way we vacation, how we conduct ourselves and gather for parties, the plans we make. The first bit of news I saw on a recent morning was that COVID- 19 deaths had approached 3,000 people the previous day, approximately two persons a minute. It’s tragic information.

But our response is in stark contrast to another truth that is awkward to talk about. On average, 3,000 times a day, seven days a week, year upon year, we’ve terminated a child’s life with abortion. It’s a sobering fact. We’ve sacrificed 60 million children while we have dithered about what to do.  …

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