The 7 Best Pro-Life TV Commercials of All Time

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If you create a person, you create a universe.

By John Clark, EWTN News, 5/20/18

Later this month, the citizens of Ireland will vote on the most important legislation in their nation’s history. The vote will decide whether preborn life will continue to have any rights under law. For a nation long-regarded as the world champion of the protection of unborn human beings in law, it is tragic that Ireland is even considering the repeal of the right-to-life amendment. But it’s a stark reminder that we live in a world that has forgotten the value of life, the beauty of life, and the joy of parenting children. As the Irish vote approaches, it seemed a perfect time to remember.

As I prayed for the grace to find the words to convey this message, a funny thing happened: I kept thinking about the pro-life and life-affirming television commercials I had seen over the years. Each one resonated with me, and perhaps these short videos may help a person see the value of life from a new and more wonderful perspective. Maybe, in some way, seeing them will be the answer to a prayer.

The First Time

A mother’s bond for her child begins way before birth.

Life: What a Beautiful Choice.

A “Miracle Baby”

My friend, the late Father Constantine Belisarius, often quoted the saying, “If you destroy a person, you destroy a universe.” And in a mystical way, we can observe that if you create a person, you create a universe. Something that parents understand.

If you only see the difficulty in parenting, you don’t see parenting at all.

“A child’s future is worth every sacrifice.”